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Darby's Dancers Experiences

Darby's Dancers is truly an inspirational concept and program that opens its loving arms to children with special needs.  Before Darby's Dancers, my daughter was unable to keep up with the typical dance studio and recreational dance programs. She is now flourishing with other Darby's Dancers, side-by-side with a widely talented group of volunteer teens and head coach who provide one-on-one instruction every week. She has become more self-confident, has improved her dance skills, and now has a group that she feels comfortable with and can call her own.  Thank you so much for increasing the joy of these wonderfully, unique individuals!



-Patty Neuville, Darby's Dancers parent



"We can't thank you enough for founding Darby's Dancers. Our Maddie loves ballet class and looks forward to spending time with her new friends each week."


-Jamie Meilahns, Darby's Dancers parent

"During our class, we give each dancer the opportunity to dance across the floor one at a time. Each girl has a smile that extends beyond the walls of our studio when she takes her turn to glide, turn or leap across the room. Those smiles melt my heart."


-Ashley Slemp, Inspire Dance Studio Owner, Darby's Dancers Fredericksburg

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"I love dance class! It feels like a party every week and all those mirrors on the wall just double the fun because it looks like I have twice as many friends! Dancing is great because it lets you move around in creative ways to music and hang out with friends! That’s one of life’s best combinations—music and friends! I am so thankful for my family that enjoys music with me and has taught me about all different kinds of music. We have family dance parties a lot and enjoying those even more since I started Darby’s Dancers three years ago."


-Carly Jamieson, Darby's Dancers student

"Our family wishes to thank you for the impact and joy Darby's Dancers has brought to our lives. Daisy tried on her first recital dress and hasn't stopped beaming. She is making lasting friendships and dancing is a joy that carries over through the week"


-Nick and Diann Lee, Darby's Dancers parents