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    It’s easy to become a part of the Darby’s Dancers family!  This is what it takes:


• A dance studio willing to donate studio space and a teacher one hour a week

• Five-10 students with special needs, male or female, any age

• One teenage volunteer for each special needs dancer (see volunteer section)

• A person to coordinate your fund raising efforts

• A communication coordinator for the dance studio and the participants


    All studios who join our family must adhere to the bylaws provided by the organization.  All forms and necessary paperwork will be provided.  A framework for how to run the organization will be provided as well.

    Contact Valerie Jones, President of Darby’s Dancers, to help you get started.  She will make a site visit and help you get your organization started.

Start a Darby's Dancers in your area

Valerie Jones


[email protected]



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